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Review: Magic Wand Original

America’s number one choice for a personal massager for over 30 years. Whether you are looking to soothe an aching shoulder or want a more personal massage experience, the Magic Wand is the proven answer that has earned Americans’ trust and rave reviews for years. Use your Magic Wand(R) by applying its firm massaging, vibrating head onto major muscle groups for up to 25 minutes at a time.

To provide a more stimulating massage, start on the low setting and then progress to the higher setting, if desired. Many women have found the Magic Wand to be a great help in maintaining their intimate health and wellbeing. Since the late 70s, many therapists and advisers have specifically recommended the Magic Wand to their clients as the superior choice, thanks to its deep, powerful and pleasure-filled vibrations.

Satisfied women and couples agree! Comes with 1-year warranty.  Cord length is 75in.

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Top 10 Reasons to Exercise Regularly (Besides Losing Weight)

You’ve been told a hundred times that exercise is good for you, and it’s true—but it’s good for a lot more than just losing weight or building muscle. Here are 10 other benefits you’ll see from just a little daily exercise.

10. You’ll Improve Your Memory

Ever feel like you think a bit more clearly after a good workout? Not only is your brain getting more energy and oxygen, but many studies have shown that exercise can boost your memory and help you learn better . Of course, an intense workout right before a big exam could leave you more tired than smart—but the two are still undoubtedly linked.

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The Ultimate Home Workout for Women

The following are a few simple exercises that you can do at home that require no specialized other than basic equipment that you may find around your home that you can do to tone up and look great!

The object of the workout should be intensity, so rest no more than two minutes at the end of each circuit before starting the next one.
Other tips: Perform 8-12 repetitions of each exercise (resulting in failure at the last rep), and work up to four to six complete circuits.

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Eating a Rainbow Every Day

Though you can’t literally eat a rainbow, you can consume a rainbow of colors in your produce.  Because beneficial vitamins and phytochemicals are found in a variety of fruits and vegetables, to get enough of them in your diet means consuming a spectrum of produce.  Certain colors are equated with certain nutrients*, too, such as orange and the antioxidant beta-carotene.  Foods sharing the same color have specific properties that target specific diseases.  Cancer experts recommend eating from each of the following rainbow groups daily as a measure of prevention:

Red:  adzuki bean, cherry, cranberry, goji berry, guava, kidney bean, pomegranate, radish, raspberry, red apple, red bell pepper, red grape, red potato, rhubarb, strawberry, Swiss chard, tomato, watermelon

Orange:  apricot, butternut squash, cantaloupe, carrot, mango, nectarine, orange, papaya, peach, persimmon, pumpkin, sweet potato, tangerine, yam

Yellow:  chickpea (garbanzo bean), corn, grapefruit, lemon, pineapple, pear, yellow bell pepper, yellow onion, yellow squash, yellow tomato

White:  banana, bean sprouts, cauliflower, daikon radish, garlic, jicama, lychee fruit, mushroom, onion, parsnip, pine nuts, turnip, water chesnut

Green:  artichoke, asparagus, avocado, bok choy, broccoli, Brussel sprout, cabbage, celery, chive, collard greens, cucumber, green apple, green bean, green bell pepper, green grape, green onion, honeydew melon, kale, kiwi, lentils, lettuce, lime, mustard greens, pear, peas, pistachio nut, seaweed (nori), soy bean (makimame/edemame), spinach, sugar snap pea, zucchini

Purple:  beet, blackberry, black or purple grape, blueberry, eggplant, fig, plum/prune, raisins, red cabbage, rutabaga

Eating a generous amount of fruits and vegetables as part of a healthy diet may reduce risk of chronic diseases including stroke, type 2 diabetes, cancer, heart disease and high blood pressure.  Note: Processing tends to deplete food of its nutrients and strips color, so choose fresh.  Why not get the most out of your produce by consuming a colorful array of nutrients?  It’s attractive on your plate and beneficial for your body, too!

Fitness Tip: Sodium and Your Diet

Fitness Tip: Sodium and Your Diet – Who doesn’t like the taste of salt?

As a way of lowering your blood pressure, keeping salt in your meal plan in check is another important way to support your overall health. Read labels, and watch out for prepared foods that contain large amounts of salt such as soups, snacks, and even some sodas. If you are craving salt, try enhancing your food flavor with fresh squeezed lemon or lime juice or some NO sodium or low sodium seasoning.

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